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Carrying out the rehabilitation works at the location of the Centre of intervention, counseling and support for children at risk from Ploiesti - february update

On February 3, 2017 repair, rehabilitation and remodelling works have started at the space where the Day Care Center for the Development of Independent Living Skills will have its location.

These works consist in repairs and finishing works, washable paint painting of the walls, parquet flooring changing, floor tiles and faience tiling repairs, changing of electrical and thermic installations.

The flat where this center will be located is in Ploiesti, 21 Eremia Grigorescu street, bl. 74, in a building that has been in conservation; previously, this building was the location of a family – type residential unit for young people.

After the completion of remodeling works, the new building will provide spaces that are appropriate for the cabinets of psychologists and social workers, spaces for group work / waiting areas for beneficiaries.

The Day Care Center for the Development of Independent Living Skills is a structure specialized in interventions and investigations of cases of children / young people for whom a measure of special protection has been established, and it focuses on developing their independent living skills, that are essential for their both their family and social integration, and for their professional integration as well, namely their inclusion on labour market (identification, assessment and specialized counseling of children / young people, elaborating the intervention programs and monitoring their implementation, etc.).

This structure has been set up and has been providing specialized services for the above – mentioned category of beneficiaries since September 2016, and the activities have been carried out in two spaces made available at the headquarters of Prahova County Department for Social Assistance and Child Protection. iu.

The Day Care Center for the Development of Independent Living Skills has a personnel scheme made up of 7 positions, i.e.: 1 head of centre, 3 social workers, and 3 psychologists). In mid February 2017 6 of these positions were filled in (1 head of centre, 2 social workers and 3 psychologists).

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