The ending of school tutoring activities of the project entitled “We educate the present, we build the future!”

1December 2016 (month 23 of the project implementation period) has been the last month when school tutoring activities took place, in accordance with the Gantt chart included in the grant application for “We educate the present, we build the future!” project.

During the next two months left until the closing of the project (January and February 2017), the cooperation with Petroleum – Gas University of Ploiesti will be focused on disseminating information about the project activities among the students, in order to find and select the new volunteers that are to provide the school tutoring activities in Romanian, Maths and English, and to conclude the volunteering contracts with them. New volunteers are needed, because it is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the project for a five-year period after its closing.

The school tutoring activity for the three school subjects has been carried out in four residential care units subordinated to Prahova County Department for Social Assistance and Child Protection, namely:
- Sinaia Residential Care Unit;
- ”Rază de soare” Community Services Centre from Baicoi;
- „Sf. Maria” Community Services Centre from Valenii de Munte;
- ,,Sf. Filofteia” Community Services Centre from Campina.

Last but not least, we would like to express our thanks to all the student volunteers who have devoted a part of their lives to children and young people in residential care units!


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