The Third Trip of the Project Entitled „We Educate the Present, We Build the Future!”

(October 23, 2016)

20161023 120846This project – which has proven to be so beautiful and full of activities is coming to an end!

For all their efforts and their remarkable results, children and young people have been rewarded with one last trip. Thus, the number of the leisure and free time activities they participated in during the whole project amounts to 5 (2 summer camps and 3 trips).

The 150 children / young people and their accompanying staff have spent unforgettable moments in DINO Park, from Rasnov, Brasov. They enjoyed both the wonderful autumn landscape, and meeting their fellow colleagues from other residential care units.

At the same time, they had the chance of visiting an original park, full of attractions and where they also learnt some useful knowledge : information about the life and extinction of dinosaurs, different dinosaur models, 9D Cinema, Adventure Hiking Route, Zip – Line, Lasers’ Labyrinth, etc.

We wish to thank the organizers and the financing entity for having given our children and young people the present of this new precious memory!

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20161023_120846 20161023_120846
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