The beginning of activities in PLUS circles and workshops

poza bijuterii1Through the PLUS funding facility there has been extended the network of workshops and circles for the development of personal skills of children / young people with 11 more workshops / circles set up within residential care units:

• 3 circles for the development of IT competencies,
• 2 circles for learning basic journalism,
• 2 workshops for making handcrafted objects / jewels,

• 2 crocheting / gobelin workshops,
• 1 workshop for the development of food preparation skills,
• 1 gardening workshop.

After the staff completed the training, some of these circles have become operational, and the children and young people are delighted to face the challenge to participate in the new activities! **** „WE EDUCATE THE PRESENT, WE BUILD THE FUTURE!” 2016 PROJECT *** WORKSHOP OF HANDCRAFTED OBJECTS – MAKING TEXTILE HEADBANDS AND BRACELETS  

poza-bijuterii1 poza-bijuterii1
poza-bijuterii2 poza-bijuterii2
poza-bijuterii3 poza-bijuterii3