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Sinergii pentru viitor – copii în situație de risc

Educând prezentul, construim viitorul!

Summer Camp – August 2016

2According to the project Gantt chart, in August 2016 there has been organized the second camp for the children / young people that are beneficiaries of the activities carried on within the project entitled "We educate the present, we build the future!".

Like last year, the children’s / young people’s choice has been to go to the camp on Romanian seaside. So, we went back to the same welcoming place from 2015, “New Paradise” camp from Eforie Sud, subordinated to Constanta County Department for Sports and Youth.

This year, too, 160 children and young people enjoyed the gifts offered by the Black Sea: the blue infinity of water, the hot fine sand, the foamy waves, the beautiful sunrises, the flight of seagulls. But, most of all, they enjoyed the activities carried on together with their peers from other residential care units (football and handball competitions, sandcastle contests, “Miss and Mister Camp” pageants, wish lanterns, etc.).

Many thanks to our hosts and to all the educators that took care of the children and young people!

We would also like to thank those which provided the grant for the project, and thus made it possible for this new summer dream to come true!

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Proiect finanţat cu sprijinul financiar al Programului RO10 - CORAI,
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